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How/When Do I.....?

When do I plant my tulips?


A lot of people have asked when to plant their tulips.   If you are growing in the garden, I recommend you plant in the period between late April to the end of May (start mid May for locations in the more northern parts of Australia). This allows both the weather and the soil to cool. If you receive your bulbs before then, keep them in the crisper while you prepare the soil.  

However, tulips can be grown in containers, allowing them to be grown year-round indoors. To do this:


  • Pick a container that you can plant tulips at the required depth. Use a complete bulb potting mix and water in, let the excess water drain out. Make sure the container has holes at the bottom to prevent the bulbs from rotting.
  • Refrigerate for 8 to 12 weeks. Cover the containers to keep the bulbs moist.
  • Slowly introduce the containers to a light and warm area. Bear in mind that too much warmth can cause the flower wilt.
  • After sprouts appear, lightly water.


All our BulbsOnline bulbs that require it have been chilled prior to shipping. 

All the blooming best, Charles