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Q: What fertilizers should I use for spring bulbs?


Well there are a number of fertilizers that can be used, some prior to planting and some when your bulbs are growing.

I am delighted to say that we now sell fertilizer in small quantities online, bagged for us by our friends Jane and Ian at Designer Dirt. This makes it so easy to help you grow stunning flowering bulbs.

It is a good practice to include a good quality compost, NPK fertilizer or blood & bone when preparing the ground before planting.

During the growing season, at about 6-8 weeks intervals, applying compost at 500g per sq metre, NPK fertilizer at 30g per sq metre or a liquid fertilizer as directed on the label will defiantly improve the growth and quality of the flowers.

You should also remember to give your bulbs a good feed after flowering to build up their energy stores for the following season.

As a guide, 1 cup is about 175g and level teaspoon is approximately 5g.