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Dahlias remain one the most reliable and prolific of the summer and autumn flowers . They can be used as a spectacular group planting or inter mingled with other garden plants to give a wonderful overall effect. Dahlias come in many different types, colour, size and height. With a little research you can find the one that best suits your needs and add to the overall beauty of any garden.
They will grow in any well - cultivated garden soil, a little extra preparation in late winter by adding some well rotted compost with a little dolomite to the area will improve the result. As they do not like wet feet raising the beds to ensure good drainage can be an advantage in times of heavy rain.

These wonderful plants come in a number of different flower forms such as cactus, semi cactus,  decorative,  informal decorative,  pompon, and  with sizes from over 260mm for large types down to pompon and miniature bedding types under 50mm.

Planting Time:  October through to November 

Bulbs available from late July