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Growing Daffodils

Cluster Daffodil GeraniumPlanting Time:  Daffodils can be planted from February to June with the best time to plant being from March to April or even as late as May in warmer areas.

Flowering Season: June to October.

Climatic suitability: The cooler temperate regions of Australia are best. Daffodils will not tolerate hot/wet summers as they will ‘steam’ under the ground. If you wish to grow daffodils in more northerly regions you will have to lift the bulbs at the end of the season. As with most bulbs you will almost always get one good season out of them regardless of conditions.

Sun requirements: Half sun to full sun

Planting depth: Plant the pointy end up to a depth of 15 centimetres. Plant a bit deeper and under mulch in warmer areas.

pH level: Preferably around neutral (7.0) but not essential.

Fertilising: Daffodils don’t require a whole lot of fertilising although you can sprinkle some potassium sulphate when planting. Use a complete fertiliser after leaves start appearing through the ground.

Plant Spacing: Plant in clumps for best effect, 10 to 15 centimetres apart.

Bed selection: Make sure the garden bed has adequate drainage, and if the soil is especially heavy, mix in some light organic material. You can also raise the bed if you need to. Good draining is key, to prevent bulb rot. In good conditions the bulbs will last for years.

Watering: Daffodils don’t require a lot of watering, however if there is no rainfall, water a couple times per week - especially during the budding stage.

Daffodil Yellow TrumpetGrowing in containers:

  • Use a well-drained or specialist bulb potting mix.
  • Make sure you use a container tall enough to plant the bulb at the correct depth.
  • Whilst inside, keep the bulb in a cool area of the house, away from hot windowsills and heaters.
  • When the flower has died back you can reposition the pot outside or replant in the garden.

After flowering: Leave the leaves on until they have completely died down, it’s during this period that the bulb stores nutrients for the next season.

Lifting & Storage:

  • In cooler areas you may not need to dig until the bed gets too crowded.
  • If you live in a part of Australia with wet/hot summers you may need to lift the bulbs each year.
  • Wait until the foliage has died down.
  • Lift the bulb gently with a spade.
  • Dust off the soil and allow the bulb to dry off.
  • Inspect the bulbs for rot and insect damage.
  • Store in a cool, dark and dry area with adequate airflow. There are many ways to store them such as in paper bags that can then be hung up or on trays.

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