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Growing Dutch Iris

Dutch Iris Acapulco

Suitable for most climates except Tropical zones. Dutch Iris prefer cool to cold climates but will tolerate warmer areas.

Dutch Iris make a magnificent display mass planted in the garden. Partner them with daffodils in large bowls or under deciduous trees. Plant them in elegant planters to bring inside in early spring.

Plant bulbs pointy end UP, at Plant in autumn at a depth of about 10cm and 15cm apart. Prepare the soil with additions of well-composted manure and compost.  The soil must be well drained, as the bulbs will rot if it stays too wet. This is very important with Dutch Iris.

Water well at planting. Do not water again until leaves appear then water weekly during growth and flowering.

There is no need to fertilise the bubs if the soil has been well prepared. If the soil is poor fertilise with a little blood and bone AFTER the foliage has emerged.

Dutch Iris bulbs can be left in the ground for years.

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