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Growing Anemones

Anemones are a colourful garden addition and are a wonderful cut flower. Plant in Autumn. They are suitable for arid, temperate and Mediterranean climate zones. They can be left in situ for 1-2 years and then replaced with new bulbs. For best effect, mass plant them in a sunny, wind sheltered position. Try planting them in colour blocks or swathes or under-plant roses for a stunning spring display.

Plant bulbs pointy end DOWN at a depth of about 4-5cm and 4cm apart. Mulch well. Fertilise with blood and bone at planting time.

Water well at planting time followed with weekly watering until the first leaves appear. Once the plants are growing additional watering is only required if rain is sporadic. Over watering will rot the bulbs. Liquid fertilise with an organic fertiliser and a seaweed extract until buds appear.

Generally anemones are free of pests and diseases, but watch out for snails! They love these plants when young.

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