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Growing Gladioli

GLADIOLI (Gladiolus x hybrid)

Planting time: From late autumn to early spring. In cold climates plant the
corms when the risk of frost is over.

Gladioli are a very elegant cut flower and usually flower around 100 days after flowering so factor that in to your planting time if you are planning a show of flowers at any particular time. They will grow to 1.5m high and are excellent as background plant in garden beds.

Choose a full-sun position with good wind protection.

Gladdies are frost susceptible, HATE fresh animal manure and boggy soil. Plant corms in well-drained light soil; improve heavy soils with organic matter. Plant corms flat side down at a depth of about 7cm and 10cm apart. Don’t over water the corms but keep them moist during the growing period. Gladioli are popular with aphids and thrips. Thrips damage is evident with the streaking of leaves and damage to the flowers. Spraying with an organic insecticide will reduce damage but if the problem persists, ensure that new bulbs are planted in a different part of the garden. Similar symptoms to the
flowers can occur with extreme heat.

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