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Growing Gooseberries

GOOSEBERRY ‘THORNLESS’ ( Ribes ura-crispa)

Planting time: Winter and in areas which experience cold winters. Needs
a ‘chill period’ to set fruit.  Plant in a compost enriched well-drained soil in a full sun position.

True gooseberries are a perennial cane. ‘Captivator’ is a thornless variety and should be pruned to the shape of a wide-mouthed teacup for the first two years. It has large juicy berries that ripen from yellow/green berries turning to red if left on the bush. Fruit develops on both the second year and older wood, and pinching laterals back to 3 buds promotes spur production. By removing the centre of the plant you develop a more open structure to allow
light in for easier picking.

Gooseberries begin to crop as a 2-3 year old plant. Fungal diseases may rot fruit; use an appropriate copper oxychloride or Mancozeb fungicides.

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