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Growing Leucojum

Leucojums (Snowflakes)Suitable for tropical regions but they prefer the warm to cool areas.

Snowflakes are the quintessential woodland plant. They are an old-fashioned favourite with gardens and naturalise easily.

Plant in autumn.

Prepare the soil with decayed manure, blood and bone or compost. The soil needs to be well drained or the bubs will rot.

Snowflakes like a sunny or part-shade position to ensure good flowering. Plant the bulbs pointy side UP at a depth of about 10cm and water well. When the leaves start to show give them regular watering and continue to water (unless it rains adequately) until the foliage begins to die off.

Bulbs can be left in the ground undisturbed for years. If required, they can be lifted after the foliage has died down. Snowflakes are regarded to be pest free!

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