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Growing Lily of the Valley

LILY OF THE VALLEY ( Convallaria)

Planting time: Winter

An old favourite with sweetly scented and charming little white bellflowers. This is a woodland plant revered for it perfume and widely used in wedding bouquets.

They are ideal for pots and under trees.

They prefer a cool or semi-shade position where they can be left to naturalise. The soil should be well drained , moist and humus rich. Well-rotted animal manure and blood and bone should be worked into the soil before planting. Plant the rhizomes at a depth of about 3cm, 10cm apart. A top dressing of well-decayed animal manure in winter will assist growth and produce larger blooms. They also liked to be well mulched with leafy moss or compost.
They need to be kept moist during spring and summer.

Lily of the Valley take a few years to become established and are best left undisturbed. They
are more suited to cold climates and will bloom best after a hard, cold winter.

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