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Growing Ranunculi

ranunculus-orange.jpgSuitable for all climates except tropical.

Ranunculi are hardy and will grow in most conditions, which make them one of Australia’s most popular flowering bulbs. Each bulb can produce multiple flowers and will flower for weeks.

Plantings of Ranunculi throughout the garden in small groupings or mass plantings will add fabulous rich colour. Pick these for the house, they are one of the most colourful spring flowers around.

Plant in autumn.

Soak the bulbs in water for an hour before planting.

Plant them in a sunny position at a depth of 4-6cm with the “claws” DOWN in a fertile well-drained soil. Add a little blood and bone, well-composted manure or compost to the bed at planting time. Water them on planting and then when buds appear. There is no need to continue watering if it’s raining. A little liquid fertiliser can be applied weekly if the soil is poor.

Ranunculi can be left in the ground for 2 years then should be lifted and replaced with new bulbs.

Snails and slugs love these so lay baits to ward of plant damage. Downy Mildew can sometimes be a problem – spray with an organic fungicide.

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