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Growing Rhubarb

RHUBARB ( Rhuem x hybridum)

Planting time: Winter to early spring. Likes a cool to cold environment.

Rhubarb comes to you as bare-rooted crown that is easy to propagate. It’s grown for its thick red stems which when cooked make fantastic desserts. It’s a tasty and ornamental addition to the vegetable garden. It looks great as an ornamental plant in semi-shade or in an awkward corner of the garden. 

It is suitable to many climates and to almost any soil, provided there is good drainage. The addition of lots of organic matter will give this plant a boost. 

Rhubarb likes lots of water and being moist.

Plant the crowns about 1-1.5m apart adding a cup of general-purpose fertiliser per plant. Do not use fresh manure, as it’s too acidic and will burn the it.

Crowns need to be dug up in winter and trimmed or separated to ensure another good growing season. After winter cut off the last leaves and mulch well. When harvesting, cut stalks with a sharp knife at ground level. Stop harvesting when new stalks are thin.

• It’s not good to harvest stalks in the first year. DO NOT eat the leaves as they are toxic but they are safe to compost.

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