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Growing Scilla

Scilla (Wood Hyacinths) BlueSuitable for cool and Mediterranean regions. Plant in autumn.

Scilla are a much-loved woodland plant, which naturalise easily and quickly in the garden. They will settle and multiply under trees and in open sites. They create a lovely display mass planted in borders. These bulbs do not like to be disturbed so when dividing be prepared for a year or two with no or few flowers. Once established they will form large clumps.

Plant at a depth of about 15cm in well-drained humus rich soil in a sunny or part shaded position. Add blood and bone at planting time. Water well at planting and then when foliage begins to show. Scilla do not need special care so don't over fertilise them.

If lifting is required, lift when leaves have died right down, clean the bulbs and store in a cool, dry and airy position.