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Growing Solomons Seal

SOLOMON'S SEAL (Polygonatum)

Planting time: Late Autumn- late winter.

This very hardy well-known perennial is suitable for cool and shady
positions. Plants grow to about 60cm tall and elegant white, bell-shaped
flowers with green tips are borne on slender, drooping stems. It flowers in
late spring/early winter. They are ideal for growing under trees, as they are natural woodland plant. They like to be left undisturbed to naturalise.

Plant the rhizomes in soil prepared with well-composted rich organic matter and blood and bone. Plant them at a depth of about 3-5cm and 25cm apart. Keep moist during the growing season, alight water is required during dry spells to stop dormant rhizomes from drying out. Cut back dead foliage in winter. If it is necessary to move the plant, lift and divide during the winter months. Replant immediately.

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