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Growing Spekelia

SPEKELIA (Jacobean Lily)

Planting time: late winter to early spring

In summer this bulb produces rich red, orchid-like flowers on the stems 20-25cm tall. It prefers to be left undisturbed once planted and will naturalise well in a sunny to semi shaded position in the garden. They are ideal for pots, garden borders and make an excellent cut flower. Spekelia is a hardy adaptable bulb but it is frost susceptible and will need protection from heavy frosts.

Plant in a well-drained, moderately fertile soil. Plant the bulbs with the top of the bulb just above the soil surface, about 15-20cm apart. In winter top dress with well-decayed animal manure. If thinning out is required, lift the bulbs in late autumn or early winter. Separate, clean and spread bulbs to dry out. Replant any time throughout winter. They dislike being disturbed and may not flower the first year after flowering.

Cut he foliage off only when it’s completely dead!!!

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